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Vasectomy Reversal

In our hands, vasectomy reversal procedures are an effective way to restore fertility for men that have previously undergone a vasectomy. 

Why choose our services?

Our results are our top priority, no compromises. 


Dr. Flannigan spent an additional 2 years of training with the world’s best in New York, and uses the most effective microsurgical techniques published. His technique combined with his surgical experience translates to success rates of ~97% for conventional vasectomy reversals where the two ends of the vas deferens tube are connected under a microscope (VV).  For nearly 30% of men, a different and more technically demanding type of connection may be required to successfully reverse a vasectomy (VE). General urologists and other surgeons are not trained in this technique, while sub specialized surgeons such as Dr. Flannigan are specifically trained in this reconstruction. Dr. Flannigan’s results are aligned with the top centres around the world. 


We are committed to your success in growing your family at the time of surgery and beyond your surgical date.

How do Vasectomy Reversals Compare with IVF?

There are 3 fertility options for men wanting to father a child following a vasectomy. 

1. Vasectomy Reversal

2. Vasectomy reversal + sperm retrieval

3. Sperm retrieval + In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The bottom line, is that both options are potentially effective and come down to different pros and cons for most couples. If there is female fertility troubles, IVF may be a better option. Vasectomy reversals offer the chance to have children naturally. In otherwise healthy couples, wanting one or more children, vasectomy reversals are typically the most cost effective option. Success rates are comparable but typically favour vasectomy reversals in most scenarios.  For couples where the female partner is aged 30-35, the pregnancy rate for vasectomy reversal in one study was 78.4%, while the pregnancy rate for a single cycle of IVF was 56.6% and the cumulative IVF pregnancy rate (1-4 cycles of IVF) was 69.4%. For couples with female age over 40, the vasectomy reversal pregnancy rate was 42%, while the single IVF cycle pregnancy rate was 19-27%, and cumulative IVF pregnancy rates (1-4 cycles of IVF) were 34%. Overall, for most couples, vasectomy reversals are cost effective, and hold high chance of success in our hands.

Time since vasectomy?

Historically, many believed that vasectomies performed many years ago, >15 years for instance, were not amenable to microsurgical reconstruction. However, we now understand that a secondary blockage of the ‘epididymis’ may occur in cases with increased time since vasectomy. A conventional vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy; VV) will not work in this scenario; however, intra operative diagnosis by the surgeon, and a special reconstruction to the epididymal tubules (vasoepididymostomy; VE) can be successful, providing men with a roughly >60% chance of sperm returning to their semen post-operatively. General urologists and other surgeons are not trained in this technique, which is why choosing a sub specialized male reproductive microsurgeon can make a significant difference for your success. 

How to Book a Consultation & Procedure?

The first step in moving towards regaining your fertility is to reach out through our website contact section where you will contact Dr. Flannigan directly, and request a consultation. We know that timeliness is a priority, and aim to offer you an appointment within 1-2 weeks of reaching out. 

At the time of consultation, we will discuss your fertility options, review the procedure, answer your questions, and look to book your procedure if it’s the right fit for you and your partner. 

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