Dr. Flannigan is a Principal Investigator at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Urologic Sciences. His research spans the full range of translation from basic science investigation of molecular and genetic mechanisms of male infertility and Peyronies disease, working towards novel therapeutic discovery and clinical trial investigation for medications, techniques and technologies being adopted to further clinical care.

His primary areas of infertility research are: 

1. Investigating the molecular and genomic mechanisms of sperm production deficits. 

2. Developing Artificial Intelligence-based technology to identify rare sperm and select the healthiest sperm for IVF-ICSI procedures. 

3. Developing precision medicine based regenerative therapies for men with severe sperm production abnormalities (i.e. non-obstructive azoospermia) through integrating computational modelling and 3D bioprinting. 

Dr. Flannigan’s research program is supported by numerous national and international medical granting agencies.

To date, Dr. Flannigan has published over 100 articles, abstracts and presentations. He has presented globally and has received numerous prestigious international awards for his research and contributions to the field. Since being recruited back to the University of British Columbia, he has secured several sources of funding for his research. Strengthening UBC’s research climate, he continues to hold an adjunct position at Weill Cornell Medicine to facilitate international research collaborations.

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